Wholesale Orange Dyed Opal Gemstones Beads 16 Inches Strand

9.90   $ 11.00

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Strands (Threads)

This is a Beautiful Collection of Dyed Opal Gemstone Beads. We are Wholesale Suppliers of Gemstones and Jewelry so price can be negotiated when we know your actual requirements. The given price is approximate. You can enquire about the actual price and dimensions of this item. For the actual price please add multiple items in the cart. As soon as we receive your requirements then We will make a Performa Invoice and Please fill the correct E-mail in the registration form. If you want any personalization or Customization in any items then please add it in remarks option during the checkout.

You will get Performa Invoice on your registered Email. After the confirmation, we will send you the PayPal Invoice. Order will forward to the manufacturing after the Payment received. 

For any help, please contact on WhatsApp Number: +91-9929144708 and Email id: [email protected]


Collection: Dyed Opal Beads

Category: Gemstone Beads

1 Dyed Opal Roundel 8-10 mm

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